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26 Apr 2019

Dear Participants,

We sincerely appreciate the participants of MMM Global Live. Thank you very much for connecting with MMM Global Live and to give us so much love and support.

So far, 8500 plus  participants have joined us and we have given us two months of happiness without any rejection.

Thanks to all the leaders & participant who made important contributions to making MMM Global Live successful.

Please continue to supporting us , we will soon get financial freedom.

Special thanks to leaders from leading country Nigeria, China, India, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey Thailand, Vietnam Zimbabwe HongKong Cambodia, Ukraine...  Keep Inviting new participant and spread happiness to everyone's life.

Together, We will reach our goal !!

Together we can change the world !!

MMM Global Live

25 Mar 2019

Hello MMM Global Live Community,

Today mmmglobal.live have completed successful one month. We cordially thank you for your trust and support .  Without your support, we are unable to achieve this milestone.

We are growing rapidly every day & Hoping we will receive the same support & trust in the future to develop this system more successful.

Thank you for leaders from the globe who encourage the participant to join this community.  MMM global live administration team promise to deliver the service in a transparent way.

We are open to taking any suggestions for community development. you can drop your suggestion using contact us. we will appreciate and consider it with a management decision.

Together we can change the world & achieve financial freedom. Keep encouraging the people to join the mmm global live & let's build it the most strongest community. Soon financial apocalypse is inevitable and unavoidable.

Administration !!

9 Mar 2019

Hello Participants,

We are growing rapidly with a great pace, the community is grown with 1500+ participants & we would like to thank all of you for your trust in the community.

Every minute we are getting new participant & Appreciate your confidence with mmmglobal.live.

We would like to inform everyone that mmmglobal.live is developing in a stable and We have the strongest technical team in terms of security who ready to tackle all the tech threat.

This system is a tribute to Late Sergey Mavrodi who had created MMM to fight with the unfair financial system.

Keep inviting the new participant & let's build the strongest community, Soon Financial Apocalypse is inevitable and unavoidable.

Together, We will reach our goal !!

Together we can change the world !!


25 Feb 2019

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the MMM Global 

We are  glad to inform you that MMM Global is going live, Our visionary leader Sergey Mavrodi Mission is going to be a never ending process as long as every individual achieves the financial freedom, a lot of milestones to be achieved in the journey of working with the great Sergey Mavrodi Vision,we expect you to stand united & work together, Together we can change the world & achieve the vision of Sergey Mavrodi, Thanks to all who support the system and follow the ideology of MMM, Lets Begin the change within us .

MMM Global

Administrator Team